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Arnold Palmer
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Jim Nantz, Wayne Gretzky, Chris ODonnell, and others discuss their interactions with Arnold Palmer, and what made him so loved.rnrnTranscriptrn The first time I met Arnold Palmerrn was I was about years old.rn I did an industrial film for Sears.rn He was there, you know, sponsored by Sears,rn and I was like a little child actor.rn So, I have a picture with himrn and I have a golf ball he signed for me.rn Cut to ten years later, I was playing in the Lexus Challengern and it was only Senior Tour players and celebs,rn and I got Arnold as my partner,rn and it was the most amazing draw of all time,rn I mean, it just felt so lucky.rn It was a unique format because my scorern counted for their purse.rn And Ill never forget, we were playing on a par ,rn and Arnold was having some trouble,rn and I had hit a good drive and I had a my -wood out,rn I was ready to hit, and Arnold was kinda slashing around,rn and I was like, No, No, give me my wedge,rn we got, Im actually gonna lay it up.rn And he saw me from across the fairway and came running over,rn Hes like, Hey! Dont you lay up on me!rn I was like, Okay, Mr. Palmer.rn Hes like, Hit the -wood!rn And so, I hit the -wood, and I dont evenrn remember what happened, I was just so, so shocked.rn But it was so classic Arnold, you know,rn always going for broke and not playing out of fear.rn The only other Arnold story that I always laugh about,rn at the Bob Hope we were playing one time,rn we were signing autographs for people,rn he saw me signing autographs and he looked here, he goes,rn What the hell is that?!?rn I go, Its my signature.rn He goes, Well, sign it so they can read it.rn Cause if youve ever seen Arnolds signature, its perfect.rn And he was really offended by my, my signature,rn so, I worked on it after that.rn [Jim Nantz] I was doing a Pittsburgh Steelers gamern a few years ago, and I called him up and said,rn Hey, Ive got a free afternoon, mind if I drive uprn to Latrobe, see you?rn Come on up.rn Went up to the house, no gate, no posse of peoplern around him to insulate The King.rn Arnold and Kay.rn And after an hour visit, it was time to get back in the car,rn and Arnold walks me to the car.rn I come down the driveway, and I just happenedrn to take one last look up at the house, and Im glad I did.rn There was Arnold at the top of the driveway, waving goodbye.rn Now, there are a lot of people that are big,rn even more so, they think theyre big,rn I dont know how many would have that scenern right there play out.rn Thats Arnold Palmer.rn Thats the kind of man he is.rn [Patrick Reed] First time I ever played in Bay Hill,rn it was early in the morning, I walk in,rn I go right into the locker room and, you know,rn get on my shoes and go straight across the hallrn to where Justine is and family diningrn to get breakfast before I go out.rn I dont get even take two steps into the doorrn and hes sitting there. First thing he says to me is,rn Mr. Reed, please take your hat off.rn And Im like, I didnt quite get there fast enough,rn I literally was two steps inside the doorrn and, you know, I took off my hat, and it just shows yourn how much respect he has, you know,rn for not only golf but everybody.rn [Wayne Gretzky] I was fortunate enough when I retiredrn and my manager at the time, Mike Burnett,rn told me one day we have an opportunityrn that were gonna play the four of us,rn McCormack and Mr. Palmer and Mike Burnett and myself,rn and we played Bay Hill, and one of the par srn was over water.rn Mr. Palmer said, You know, I think its a -iron.rn His caddy said, No, no, Mr. Palmer, its a -iron.rn And he hit hit -iron short and he hit in into the water.rn And his caddy said, I told you, Mr. Palmer, its a -iron.rn And he put another ball down on the ground,rn and he hit the -iron and he knocked it in for a three.rn [laughing] And he looked at the caddy and said,rn I told you it was a -iron.rn And I was like, Oh, my goodness, this is onern of the greatest things Ive ever seen in my life.nnStill haven’t subscribed to Golf Digest on YouTube? ►►
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